Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Think Mitt can't excite a crowd?

Think again. Check out the third video in this post by Stacy McCain (who is on the ground, covering Romney's appearance in Toledo).

Update: Haw! "[Obama's] like the special needs kid you’re not allowed to make fun of."

Update II: Roger Simon's execrable attempt at humor was bad enough. But how particularly awful for him that Ace happened to notice.


Robert of Ottawa said...

I've said repeatedly to people that this man is NOT an orator, he is a teleprompter reader.

When he speaks extemporaneously, he screws up ... all the time.

Robert of Ottawa said...

Simon invented a lie, and then tried to pass it off as a "joke" when he was caught in his lie.

Paco said...

You may be right about that. It was just too overwhelmingly stupid to pass as a joke.