Monday, September 24, 2012

Transforming America, one Amendment at a time

Having trashed the First Amendment, by imposing health care requirements on Catholic institutions and individuals that are inconsistent with the Church’s religious beliefs, and by trying to intimidate citizens in the exercise of their free-speech rights in order to placate Muslim extremists, does anybody seriously believe that Obama, in a second term, will not go after the Second Amendment?

That is really the “red line”, as far as I’m concerned.


JeffS said...

Was there ever any doubt about the 2nd Amendment?

Lefties, and their ideological ancestors, have loathed firearms since gunpowder was invented. They put the citizen on the same level as the would-be slave owner.

Those who don't believe that, read Ruyard Kipling and see what he saw over a century ago.

Michael Lonie said...

And trash the main body of the Constitution. And the Fourth Amendment, and the Fifth, and the...

You know, compared to Obama and his merry minions, old Geroge III doesn't look so bad.

RebeccaH said...

Second amendment? If Obama wins another term, I expect the Constitution as a whole will be "rewritten".

rinardman said...

...I expect the Constitution as a whole will be "rewritten".

I don't think Obo the Clown wants to work that hard. He'll just ignore it, if it gets in his way.