Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday funnies

Paco Enterprises' consumer products division regretfully announces a recall.

Looks like Fearless Felix traveled a whole lot faster than anybody figured.

Scrap metal thief gets overly ambitious.

Dude, what were you thinking?

Strange encounter: Ray Bradbury and...Groucho Marx.


kc said...

I thought of Paco Enterprises when I saw that sunscreen headline!

rinardman said...

That metal thief's crime may have been a bridge too far.

He'll probably end up doing a span of time in jail.

Paco said...

He's definitely got some troubled waters ahead.

JeffS said...

The metal thief certainly has a lot of brass.

richard mcenroe said...

Fearless FZelix reminds me of a news segment on NBC a few years back, when extrasolar planets started popping up like Raisinets on a movie house floor.

NBC's science correspondent at the time, who we all KNEW was a "serious" journalist because of his beer gut and retreating hairline, listened intensely as a spokesman for NASA explained in very simple words how many scores and hundreds of light years away these worlds were, and what an achievement it was even to confirm their existence.

The serious journalist nodded wisely and asked, "So what are NASA's plans for exploring these planets?"

Michelle Bemis said...

The metal thief certainly has a lot of brass.