Tuesday, November 13, 2012


News you can use: Swampy offers some great suggestions for preparing for hurricanes (and practically any other kind of emergency).

Before Republicans go overboard trying to turn themselves into Democrat-Lite, they might want to mull over the possibility that the recent election results had more to do with a personality cult than with anything else.

Look for the Obama administration to ramp up affirmative action initiatives.

Barry and his secularist priesthood continue their war on religious freedom.

Applied mathematics, workplace version (Haw! “Demonstrate, using practical methods, that shooting HR personnel raises productivity by 42.743% across the board”). Big H/T to that ramblin’ man, Boy on a Bike.

Liberty at Stake performs an autopsy, identifies Stupid as the cause of death.

Steve at the Pub scratches Air France off his list.

France gets it wrong on the ground, too.

But, lest I appear to be picking unfairly on France, permit me to link an insightful piece by a French well-wisher, the Dissident Frogman (H/T to friend and commenter, Spiny Norman).

Jump, Nancy, jump!

Is John Boehner up to the job of defending conservative principles and turning the House of Representatives into a bastion of common sense within a government otherwise gone mad? My guess would be no; or, perhaps, hell no.

Michelle Malkin discusses some of the problems associated with amnesty. She’s also got a great photo of John Kerry…

Looks like caption time! Here are my two contributions:

“Whoa, wait a minute! Deer don’t wear orange hats, do they? Sorry about that, buddy!”

“Push!.......Push!.......I said PUSH, dammit! What? Oh……. Pull!”


Yojimbo said...

Well, no, my left hand doesn't kniow how to hold a shotgun. Thanks for your interest.

Yojimbo said...

I waited all winter for snipe season to begin.

Yojimbo said...

Do I pull both at once?

Yojimbo said...

Will this 410 leave a mark on my shoulder?

RebeccaH said...

"The Great White Hunter creeps forward stealthily. Maneater is in his sights as he... hey! Who's been messing with my lion cutout?"

Michael Lonie said...

Say Paco, any comments from J.P. on how Obama bought the election?

As for Obie's personality cult, in 2008 that convinced me that he was not a believing Christian, or believing anything for that matter. Any religious believer would have discouraged all the "lightworker" talk and comparisons to Jesus as the blasphemous flattery they were. Even a pagan ought to have feared Nemesis from such talk. Our Reactinaries ("Progressives") seem to be slipping into a need for a Dear Leader or Fuehrer. That cannot end well.

Somebody opined that in 2016 the Dems will be without their "charismatic" leader, excuse me Leader, and thus won't be able to use that as the basis for another snow job on American people with weak minds, overwhelming feelings of envy and racism, and greed for other people's property. I think the Dems and the MSM will manufacture another such. Obie is hardly naturally charismatic (look at his stumbles speaking without a teleprompter). He was manufactured; another can be manufactured too.

Not more than a week after the election, news comes that the Federal Government is cutting Ohio food stamp funds by an average of $50 a month per family (869,000 of the suckers). These are the same rubes who just put Obie back in office because he promised them goodies paid for by other people. Best laugh I've had in a week. The Government giveth, the Government taketh away. Blessed by the name of Obama.

Hope and Change!

Michael Lonie said...

"Man, this .410 has a kick to it."

"Where are the clay pigeons? I promised Terayza that we'd have squab for dinner."

"Got that squirrel! Now I'll send it to Sarah Palin with my compliments."

"How does this pump action work again?"

"Pheasants have black feathers all over them, don't they?"

"Hey, I know all about shooting. I'm going to be SecDef in January."

Michael Lonie said...

Speaking of Obie-won changing his cabinet secretaries next year, how many of the nominees do you suppose will turn out to be tax cheats?

bruce said...

That's a very interesting point about Personality Cult. I guess I missed it because we're all immune here, but yes I always thought the whole thing cultish. It's an encouraging alternative to the total corruption doom and gloom interpretation I've favoured so far, and at least offers some hope, as he says - What Next? What Else You got? (Nothing to top the PrezzObama cult, that's for sure).

SwampWoman said...

"That was CLOSE. Did you see the fangs on that rabbit?"

Col. Milquetoast said...

"I would have gotten one but all the deer must have flown south for the winter."

"I randomly shot at weeds and trees, shot ducks and deer for fun and generally ravaged the countryside in a fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan."

Spiny Norman said...


Somebody opined that in 2016 the Dems will be without their "charismatic" leader, excuse me Leader, and thus won't be able to use that as the basis for another snow job on American people...

Who says Barry won't seek a 3rd term? Since when does the 22nd Amendment apply to "transformative figures"? Just you wait! =^)

BTW, thanks for the h/t, and the compliment, Paco.

LibertyAtStake said...

"Freeze gopher" (Caddyshack).

And thanks for the link. Yes, it is time to start pandering, err, reaching out, that is, to the clueless masses - like the other side always does. We just need to do it without promising free stuff and making up batsh*t crazy claims, like they always do. That's the part I'm stuck on.

Spiny Norman said...

It's official: the obsequious Establishment GOP has surrendered. How very French of them.

Between this, and Speaker Boehner caving in on Amnesty, is it time for a real 3rd Party? Or tear down the Republican Party and start over, like we did with the Whigs?

(No, not the Paulbots...)

Michael Lonie said...

Nah, they won't be that blatant, yet. But I rather expect Michelle to enter the primaries in 2015 (and won't that terminally frost Hillary and Bubba?). Can you say "Christa Kirschner" boys and girls? I knew you could. In such a case Valerie Jarrett could end up as de facto President for 16 years. Then come two terms in her own name. The only thing that will stop that is the greedy ambitions of the other moocher pols within the Jackass party.

A majority of the American voters voted for free stuff, that the economy is on the skids and we can't afford such mooching be damned. They sold their votes for, in some cases, an IPhone. People who want to trade their vote for free goodies, and have the guvmint give them handouts ripped from other citizens, are not people who will respond to ratioanl arguments about liberty and justice, let alone fiscal considerations. To them, justice is getting their goodies for free. That's what "Social Justice" means, insofar as it means anything. I fear that 2012 was the tipping point, the year when the moochers got the upper hand. How will we pry votes from people whose whole visiion of politics is theft?

Yes I'm discouraged. Why do you ask?