Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Did you ever have one of those particularly futile days?

Drunk Japanese businessman takes a long walk down the up escalator.


JeffS said...

Every day, here at the office.

Without the benefit of alcohol.

RebeccaH said...

I hear you, Jeff. I may end up living in a cardboard box in the not too distant future, but I thank God every day that I retired before I killed somebody.

JeffS said...

I'm only a couple years away from retiring, Rebecca. That's what I keep on telling myself.

JeffS said...

While I'm at it, Paco, here's a story that'll have you shaking your head....

Earlier today, a friend of mine was asked by a young man on how to buy a pistol and get a concealed carry permit.

My friend gave him the steps to get a CCP, and then said, "You'd better buy that pistol soon, before the prices go up."

The young man gave him a blank stare, and said, "Why would gun prices go up?"

The reply: "Because Obama was re-elected, and he doesn't like guns. People know this, and will buy them before restrictive gun control measures are in place."

The young man replied, "Why would Obama do that?"

My friend asked, "Who did you vote for last week?"

"Why, I voted for Obama."

The true tale of a low information voter. The ending of the conversation came shortly thereafter, was sad, ironic, but very tasty:

My friend told the young man, "I'm not going to help you with the CCP or gun purchase any more. You are on your own, as I have other things to do."

The young man, very much bewildered, asks "Why?"

"Because you are not responsible enough to own a gun, that's why."

(Truth! All truth! My friend had witnesses. Pinky swear!)

Paco said...

Jeff: Great story!