Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy Feet Friday

Here’s an interesting video on the roots of rock ‘n roll, consisting of a series of short audio segments.


rinardman said...

Most interesting.

I wonder if Rockin'Rollin'Momma from 1939 was the first song to use "rock & roll" in the lyrics?
This really shows that the roots of rock & roll go back over twenty years more than I thought. I always thought it was a product of the 1950's, but that just seems to be when it was given a name.

And, several of the 60's piano bangers, like Jerry Lee Lewis, clearly weren't the first of their kind.

Paco said...

One of the tunes on there - "Rock Awhile", by Goree Carter in 1949 - is considered by some to be the first genuine rock & roll tune.