Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Peter Principle, illustrated

Susan Rice rose to - and, indeed, soared above - her level of incompetence some time ago.

I'm afraid our country is destined to hit rock-bottom before we have a chance of regaining anything remotely resembling the dreams of our founders.


rinardman said...

This record of failing to effectively represent the United States is exactly why President Obama wants to promote her to the top of the State Department.

Probably because he sees a lot of himself in her.

"I like her, she's a SCOAMF, just like me!"

Spiny Norman said...

On a somewhat related topic, I suspect that if a TSA agent is a complete f*ckup, he gets promoted to the Secret Service.

JeffS said...

Assuming that Obama's goal is driving America into the ground, Susan Rice is the perfect pick for the UN ambassador, and Department of State.

JorgXMcKie said...

I expect that someday, if there are any honest historians left, history will regard the Obama Administration in general as "the Peter Principle Administration." I mean, can you actually think of *any* top-level person in this administration that doesn't embody the Peter Principle?

Treasury - Geithner. State -Hillary Clinton [although I had some hopes for her]. AG -- Holder. Defense -????

And, now, of course, Obama is seriously considering appointing John F'n Kerry to either State or Defense. Maybe it's his French good looks.

Rice, Panetta, Salazar, Vilsack, Solis, Sibelius, Chu, Napolitano? That's the best we can do? Hell, I know a half-dozen hillbillies who could do as good a job as that bunch.

Paco said...

JXM: It certainly is an appalling list of hacks, failures and garden variety ideologues.