Monday, December 17, 2012

A balanced approach to gun violence

A Texas school district has ok’d teachers and other employees carrying of concealed weapons.

This makes more sense than creating schools full of sitting ducks, or restricting (or eliminating) the right of law abiding citizens to protect themselves from an increasingly bold and violent criminal element.

(H/T: Protein Wisdom)

Update: Stand back! David Brooks has a great idea: "we have to really think seriously about drastically reducing the number of guns in our society, and particularly — this is an old Patrick Daniel Moynihan idea — the number of bullets. It is very hard to control 300 million guns. The bullets are a little easier to control.”

So, you want to ban these, too, while you're at it? Dick.


Robert of Ottawa said...

I've pointed out several times in different places over the last few days that guns were banned from the school, but the insane were not.

We need control of insane people.

Anonymous said...

There is a certain irony in the fact that many liberals, purporting to be devastated by the Sandy Hook murders, are responding by calling for the murder of the National Rifle Association’s 4.3 million members. Well, to be fair, some of them just want to kill the organization’s officers.

Michael Lonie said...

You know, that swine probably could have done pretty much the same number of murders with a machete. That was the weapon of choice for the Hutus against the Tutsis in Rwanda. Robert has the right idea, control insame people, don't constrict the liberty of everybody else.

RebeccaH said...

Oh, they're going to try, make no mistake about it.

Anonymous said...

Deborah Leigh said...Robert and Michael, great bumper sticker, 'Control insane people, not liberty.' Or 'Control mental illness, not guns'.

Those like Professor Loomis (U of RI) who profess to be more tolerant and compassionate usually have a "coexist" sticker right next to the "Kill Dick Cheney" sticker.

rinardman said...

The bullets are a little easier to control.

I'm guessing Brooks doesn't have a clue how many rounds of ammo are being held for future needs, by gun owners. I have several thousand, myself. And I've heard of people that are hoarding tens of thousands.

As for Brooks, when the going gets tough, the desperate get...more desperate.

Spiny Norman said...

A certain irony, indeed Anon.

The true genius of Twitter is that it provides a platform for left-wing idiots to expose themselves for the old-school Fascists they truly are - especially prominent ones like Texas Democratic Party precinct chairman John Cobarruvias in Twitchy link. What a fuckwit.

Spiny Norman said...

By the way, clueless David Brooks is the NY Times resident (aka token) "conservative" columnist. Make of that what you will.

Col. Milquetoast said...

The really embarrassing thing is that he probably thinks of himself as an intellectual but he doesn't see that the weekend shooter will use thousands if not tens of thousands of bullets in a year but the murderer/mass murderer is only interested in enough bullets to fulfill his murderous fantasy. While stopping the law abiding from getting bullets is easy stopping the law breakers is more difficult.

(btw, in high school a friend of mine made his own black powder. It didn't seem that difficult and neither is casting bullets. It is antique technology)

What a fine show of respect for the Bill of Rights : "you can exercise your right to have a gun but, tee hee, no bullets!" Next up, you can say whatever you want but only if you use 3 letter words that are on the approved list.

reducing the number of guns in our society

He should go inside a police station or a gun range. Practically everyone there has a gun and it isn't the bloody abattoir he imagines.

Paco said...

Colonel: We made black powder as kids. The ingredients are few, the process simple. It wasn't weapons grade, I suppose, but I doubt that it would be all that difficult to "upgrade".

Anonymous said...

Deborah Leigh said ... The anti-gunners haven't figured out the consequences to their proposals are "black market".

Michael Lonie said...

Brooks shows his state of cluelessness in another way. The Senator's name was Daniel Patrick Moynihan.