Monday, December 10, 2012


Powerline provides a link to an interesting blog called Crony Chronicles. Check it out!

36 Chambers highlights welfare math.

Hey, job gains totaled 146,000 in November! Pretty sweet, right? Well, not if you’re in the 25-54 age bracket.

From the transcript of the Hugh Hewitt show, this gem from Mark Steyn: “I’ve said before that I think one of the unattractive things about the Republican Party is that too often they’re content to be in office rather than in power.”

When “it is not feasible to speak the truth, let alone act on it”, then republican government is finished.

Professor Jacobson sees some disappointment ahead for progressives, linking to this piece at the Atlantic web site. I particularly liked this bit:
[Elizabeth Warren] will not be such a big deal and no one really likes her anyway; they only were willing to overlook her abrasive and self-aggrandizing personality because it was a chance to flip a Senate seat. If she tries to out-self-aggrandize Democratic leaders in the Senate, she'll get put on the Select Committee to investigate fraudulent claims of Native American ancestry in connection with filing requirements for educational institutions which receive federal funding. She will be both questioner and witness, a first in Senate history…
Three out of four NFL players agree: Bob Costas is a dumbass.

Dude, please.

Remember: it’s only racism when you vote against somebody because of his skin color.

“And God bless mom and dad and Christopher Monckton. Amen.”

Why, however can that be? “Smith & Wesson Posts 48% Increase In Second Quarter Sales” (I think the preshizzle has sold more guns than Samuel Colt).

The Kennedy gene pool: turning evolution on its head by producing survival of the stupidest.

I often wonder how Steve at the Pub manages to avoid committing bureaucracide.


Anonymous said...

Deborah. Leigh said...If the 25-45 year old folks think it's bad, just wait until post-50 when the wealth of experience becomes irrelevant. The only respect is from restaurants and Boy Scouts.

Perhaps it should be Black "Powder" Friday. I'll bet no one will try to jack Santa this Christmas. Keep in mind, ammo makes great stocking stuffers. Ho! Ho! Ho!

RebeccaH said...

Was the world always this crazy and we just didn't notice?