Tuesday, December 18, 2012


You know that liberals want it.

The fiscal cliff negotiations, illustrated.

All things considered, maybe this isn’t the worst possible outcome.

There Thomas Sowell goes again! Shelling the “moral high ground” with cold, hard facts.

Hey, who’s up for Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense? Me neither.

Maybe Americans will get it when they start actually, you know, getting it.

U.S. Marine jailed in Mexico. If only he had been one of Eric Holder’s Fast & Furious strawman operatives, he wouldn’t be in this mess right now.

Hey, John Carburruvius, I’m an NRA member. Come and get me, you hacktastic Democratic son of a bitch.

While we're banning guns, we'd better ban janitors, too, I guess.

Update - Found at Instapundit:


Robert of Ottawa said...

The liberals want a dependant populace without the ability to shoot back.

I am truly shocked and astonished the the US Federal Government actually has programs to ENCOURAGE people to take food stamps.

Spiny Norman said...

Meanwhile, the Iranian "Ministry of Information" knows who's really behind the Sandy Hook school murders. You get one guess.

Spiny Norman said...


More dependence on the government = more Democrat voters. Simple.

Cruel and evil in the end, but simple.

Paco said...

Spiny: I guessed and got it right off!

Michael Lonie said...

I blush to say that I missed the guess. I guessed Jews, but the article says Israelis. To me, that is a distinction without a difference where the antisemites are concerned, since such swine use "Israel" or "Zionism" to disguise their real target from the dim witted. I'm sure J Street would disagree with me on that, though. They seem pretty calm about the prospect of renewed genocide of five million more Jews. But hey, that's the party line of the lefties now.

Steve Burri said...

If the Newtown shooter was not an NRA member, shouldn't the Libs be calling for the murder on all non-NRA members?

Paco said...

Steve: Excellent point.

Paco said...

Michael: Close enough.

Jonah said...

I'd be in a pipe on Friday but my boss said I have to work.

Just as well. I'd rather die in a Freightliner than do whatever Paco does.