Monday, December 3, 2012

Bob Costas receives a grand smack-down on his gun control nonsense

From alexthechick (H/T: Ace).

Really, it’s an outstanding, and unanswerable, response to the smug posturing of Costas.

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Anonymous said...

Deborah Leigh said...Costas masquerades as a sportscaster but is, in truth, a high priest of the Left, and as such, has no regard for human life. As Alex pointed out, a knife would have been as deadly. In the November 30th thread "Bumped from comments, there is the link to the Walla Walla Tea Party Patriots. Scroll down below the "12 reasons why one person voted Democrat", and there is a poster that puts the entire anti-gun argument to end. It points out that rocks were the first assault weapon. Cain killed Abel with a rock.

Costas should be fired. People want to watch sports and related news without the propagandistic pontifications.