Thursday, December 13, 2012

It’s ok to kill members of the Taliban

But not to hurt their feelings.

Question for members (present and former) of the military: has the left’s “march through the institutions” included our armed forces in a systematic way, or does this kind of nonsense primarily trickle down from political appointees and a few politicized brass hats?


RebeccaH said...

Taliban are murderous, homophobic, misogynistic pedophiles.

Nobody said I couldn't hurt their feelings.

JeffS said...

It's both. As the younger generation gets higher in the commander structure, their education leads them to accept this sort of tripe from the politicians.

It was getting obvious during my last tour in 2005, but enough of the field grade officers were of the old school that the troops weren't (always) used as cannon fodder. Since then, between retirements and promotions, many of the field commanders are of the new generation of "Americans".

Doubly so for the flag officers. Who have been known to be promoted on their politics, and not command ability.

The NCO corps, not so much. But I expect that to change fairly soon, as the commanders weed out those who aren't politically acceptable, or at least aren't a political risk. When that happens, the US military is hosed, maybe permanently.

That's because, in a good military organization, the sergeants and petty officers make the military work. Officers just make sure they have the resources.