Friday, December 21, 2012

Looks like John Hammar might be having a good Christmas, after all

Former-Marine John Hammar, who has been held in a Mexican prison for five months, is scheduled to be released today.

Thank God for that.

And for this. Right here in Fairfax, I am glad to see that an arrest has finally been made in connection with a murder committed back in 2010 (it occurred only a couple of miles from where I live). I recall, at the time, that there were few, if any, clues (at least any that were publicized), and I feared that the murder would never be solved. But it looks like the police have finally got their man – who turns out to be an illegal alien from Guatemala (thanks, again, federal government for your asinine policies on illegal immigration).


Anonymous said...

Deborah Leigh said ... Thank God and all those who worked for his release! His incarceratio, and the attempted extortion add to the list of reasons why I continue to boycott Mexico.

The fact that the murderer is an illegal alien is not all that shocking, but that he didn't self-depot is. Guess he didn't get the memo. Probably buried under info on all the freebies.

JeffS said...

Good news on both counts. And both are likely in spite of the gits inside the Beltway.

Excepting you, of course, Paco.