Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This looks like another job for Super Nanny!

So, mayor Bloomberg, what do you intend to do about your city’s deadly scissors culture?

Elsewhere among the eat-your-peas crowd, it looks like Chinese communist fan-boy Tom Friedman has made a convert. Not a surprise. GE’s CEO Jeffrey Immelt has long been a major player in the Last Chance Capitalist Rope Association.


rinardman said...

Just watch, Bloomberg will call for a ban on assault scissors.

You can't use them for hunting, so why do you need'em?

Anonymous said...

Deborah Leigh said ...To quote Lefty, 'Where does the Constitution guarantee sciissors?

Anonymous said...

GE's $2 billion+ investment in joint ventures with Chinese state-owned companies appears to be paying off - for the Chinese politically as well as economically.

bruce said...

American leftists are such a joke, they don't even listen to the Chinese themselves, who concluded decades ago that what made the west superior was Christianity - They see it as kind of 'western-Confucianism'.

If they want to follow China's government style, they should support a socially conservative theocracy - the western equivalent of what maoism has evolved into in China.

Michael Lonie said...

Don't give them any ideas, Bruce.

Yojimbo said...

"state run COMMUNISM"! Isn't there something wrong with that? Like "Anarchists for more Government Benefits" or something.
Just asking.

"-but their government works."
Hey, their trains run on time! What's not ta like?
There also very quick with the ammo billing of families of those recently shot. Has Immelt taken a deep breath even once while he was in China. Totalitarian, oops, highly enlightened regimes are known for enviornmental degredation. But I digress.