Friday, December 14, 2012

Violence on the Washington Metro

I haven't encountered any of this myself - the part of the line described isn't one I use - but there's no reason it couldn't happen anywhere in the system.


Jonah said...

Just remember, there's nothing worth fighting and getting assaulted for.

Not your property, your dignity, your life, the lives of your loved ones, the police chief says none of that is worth fighting for.

No sir, a civilised society is one in which...oh, you know the rest.

I don't think even San Francisco would tolerate such a state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

Our social and political betters are always trying to force us onto 'safe efficient' public transportation. Being in the DC area, have you ever seen a former or present politician on the Metro?

Once, I did see a former Prime Minister on the Tokyo Metro, but even there, he has his security with him.

Yojimbo said...

^concealed carry^

Why doesn't someone sue over this and why do key decision makers in the DC police department still have their jobs?

Paco said...

Jonah: Exactly. We're supposed to hand over our property to whoever has the power to take it, and then count our blessings that our little chicken hearts are still beating. This, too, is an example of what I meant earlier when I said the world is getting uglier.

Yojimbo said...

Just how close to the abode of the "Great Uniter" are these runs anyway?

His little gang has total dictatorial control over this area and they have done zilch in the last four years.

JeffS said...

No wonder the District "government" loathes the idea of an armed citizenry.

Paco said...

YoJ: This stuff is mostly going on in SE Washington; the White House is in NW. Although, even in the tonier NW, bad things can happen. A couple of years ago, a friend of mine who lives in a nice section of NW was the victim of a drive-by mugging. Some punks pulled over to the curb as he was walking not far from his apartment, and beat him so bad he was in the hospital for two weeks. Why anybody would actually want to live in D.C. if they don't have to is beyond me. Incompetent, and corrupt, city management, cameras everywhere catching people speeding (but not people being mugged) homeless folks (some of whom aren't, really) all over the place...they can keep it.

rinardman said...

The capital of a great nation should be a showcase to the world, not a cesspool of ugliness & violence.

But, the U.S. is a once great nation, so D.C. gets a pass.