Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A reputation based on pure hype

Basically, I think the whole performance was scripted. To the extent the fit of pique was genuine, I think the animating factor was as indicated in the image above.

But to answer your question, Cankles: it doesn't make any difference to those who are dead. But to people who are living, and may find themselves on a perilous mission for their country in a dangerous part of the world at some time in the future, it matters a great deal whether or not their higher-ups are competent enough to understand the risk and prepare for it. And if it doesn't make any difference whether these Americans - your employees - died as a result of a spontaneous violent protest, or as the result of a carefully designed plan carried out by well-trained terrorists, then why did you and your boss and various other government talking heads spend nearly a week promoting the fiction that it was all because of a riot by random hot-heads who didn't like an anti-Islamic film trailer that probably none of them had ever seen? If it really doesn't matter, why did you and the president lie about it?

By the way, I continue to find Senator Rand Paul increasingly impressive.


Anonymous said...

Paco you nailed it.

Yojimbo said...

"What difference does it make." Now you know what a moral vacuum sounds like.

bruce said...

Why would anyone want to be a diplomat under this administration? After this, I'm at a loss to know why anyone would work for them at all in any risky capacity.

The British Royals send their own offspring into battle. Does the Obama/Clinton administration think their minions are expendable?

Anonymous said...

I've spent my entire career living and working overseas. I follow international things as vocation and avocation.

Hillary is simply an ignorant horror. She is not a diplomat either by temperament or training. She has publicly whined about how hard her job is. Apparently, she thought jet-setting around with Bill, speaking menu French, staying in 5 star hotels and being flattered by foreign dignitaries as first lady qualified her for Sec of State.

She's lucky the press has been covering for her and not reporting her gaffes, missteps, gratuitious insults to foreign leaders, humiliating blunders, lack of perception and general cultural ignorance.

Our foreign policy is in a shambles after her tenure.

One hopes, were she to run for president, her true record will come out.

Paco said...

Anon: I, too, am baffled by the aura of competence that Hillary has managed to acquire. The whole thing is so totally bogus.

Actually, I'm not really baffled. An adoring press can cover up a multitude of mistakes.

RebeccaH said...

It's the usual Clintonian faux outrage at being questioned and disbelieved, with a few feminine tears plopped in. God, these people make me queasy.