Saturday, January 26, 2013

Australian winery looks with sniffish disdain on the NRA

The NRA has a wine club and, among other brands, has included vintages made by Australia's Yalumba winery.

Which wants the NRA to drop its stuff from their list:
“Philosophically, I’m not disposed towards the NRA, which runs counter to my family’s, and I would think all my employees’, positions on gun laws,” Yalumba founder Robert Hill Smith said. “We will act to withdraw our stock or at least not service the account any longer.”
On the other hand, Jim Barry Wines takes another view. Says the company's chief, Peter Barry, "No matter religion, colour or creed, I’m just happy people are drinking and enjoying Australian wine.”

Good for you, Peter! As for Yalumba, they're free to do whatever they want - just as I'm free to disclose their principal secret ingredient...

H/T: Ace of Spades.


rinardman said...

Right. Making wine to sell to winos is so much more morally defensible than gun ownership.

JorgXMcKie said...

I wonder if that is a violation of the laws about discrimination. After all, neither Ollie's Barbecue or the Heart of Atlanta hotel was allowed to pick and choose who the sold their 'wares' to by edict of the Supreme Court.

Might be an interesting case. For me though I'll just go out of my way to point out to everyone what a douche of a company they are.

Merilyn said...

Kangaroo Pee? Now I know why I don't like their wines.

Anonymous said...

I understand their point. All the Aussies I know drink beer when the go shooting.

RebeccaH said...

Yalumba wine: A perfect refreshment for those who like their wines tart and slightly acidic, redolent of the outback, and with a tantalizing bouquet of smug.

Paco said...

Nice ad copy, Rebecca!

Anonymous said...

Deborah said... Anon, beer has never passed the lips of Robbie and his metrosexual ilk, because it's too hard (and heavy) to pick up a can or mug with lotioned hands. See Brady Paisley's "I'm Still A Guy".

Steve said...

Y'all can go to the Yalumba website & send them an email congratulating them for setting back by 5 years the progress of Australian wine sales in the USA.

bruce said...

What would they know about the NRA?

But wait, Yalumba wines are founded and run by an old English settler the Barossa Valley, which has an old Bavarian population, likely including 'former' Nazis (I've met one!):

Yes, I can see how the friends of former Nazis might be 'philosophically opposed' to the NRA - which believes in armed resistance to tyrnanny.

Headline: 'Barossa Valley Nazis Oppose NRA?'

Steve at the Pub said...

This feller ain't representative of the Ozzie wine industry.

He's a born-to-rule type, with fancily coiffured blonde hair, and he affects the mannerisms and suchlike of a central european count or something.

He's not only half a mile up himself, he's a bloody fool.
He's just undone quite a bit of careful work in the north american market by the Australian wine industry.

Give him his wish - he wants his wines off wine lists, go ahead & do it!

He's off mine. The current lot of their stuff I've got in will be the last.
Nor will I be again drinking Yalumba when I'm out on the town.

Furthermore I'll do my best to spread the word.

Most of all, he's wrong. The company was built into what it is by his grandfather, a man who was noted for extensive "wine selling trips" to India/Africa etc, which resulted in lots of big game trophy heads.

What a dickhead the grandson turned out to be.

Deadman said...

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