Thursday, January 24, 2013


We've had record low temperatures here in Northern Virginia and Washington, and this morning there's a light blanket of snow on the ground.

But it could be worse.


mojo said...

Yeah, what you might call a "Napoleonic" winter in Russkie-land.

I blame the 11 year solar cycle. What can I say? I'm a rebel.

Spiny Norman said...

Wait, what? Just last month, when the East Coast was having record high temps, we were told this was "irrefutable evidence" of man-made global warming, er... climate change, and winters would never be the same (i.e. a white Christmas would be a thing of the past) - never mind that here in California (and the everything else west of the Rockies) we were having near-record lows. Now that Arctic trough has moved east, and "weather ≠ climate".

It's sad that the Weather Channel has become "infotainment" and as politicized as the rest of the Media.

Anonymous said...

Deborah said... Did Gore do a Depardieu?

The best part of the story is the threatening proposal from the chair of the Duma's transportation committee. "Unless local bureaucrats face the wrath of legal action, winter will remain a surprise occurrence. They do nothing while the people suffer." Yeah, that'll fix it. The weather prognosticators will never be surprised if the "wrath" is felt, and therefore people won't suffer, especially those working round the clock shifts dealing with this. Insert the "Camelot" theme...but in a deeper voice. This guy could work on the Hill.

When is Barry sending aid?

Arizona had record snowfall in 1968 like Russia is having now. Indianapolis had a "storm of the century" in the early '80s. Parts of New York always get heavy snow. Clear proof of whatever it's called thus week.

JeffS said...

It might be cold, Paco, but I thought you might want to know about this.

Biden, gun control, goreball warmening....what's not to love?

Paco said...

Thanks, Jeff. I'll try and get the word out.