Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I agree with James Feehery

The Republican Party should begin a purge – starting with any elected Republicans at the national level who share James Feehery’s views.
Boehner should invite the 12 who voted against him to leave the GOP. He should bar them from attending any Republican Conference meetings. He should strip them of all committee assignments. He should instruct the NRCC to view those seats to be held in the hands of non-Republicans, and find candidates to run for them. He should instruct Republican allies on the outside — business groups, corporate PACS, trade associations, the Chamber of Commerce — to cease to give these members any campaign contributions. The Speaker should instruct the Appropriations Committee to deny all spending requests made by any of these 12 members. These members shouldn’t be allowed to travel on any congressional delegation trips.
Nor to join in any congressional games, I suppose. This is pure establishment crap, the kind of world view that sees the main function of congress being to “get things done”, to serve as an assembly line for legislation, that measures success in the quantity of bills approved and in the extent of adherence to the spirit of (one-way) compromise, that values loyalty to the Party leadership above fidelity to principle. People like Feehery lack the vision, or even the basic native wit, to see that the struggle between those who support traditional constitutional rights, individual liberty and limited government, and those who want to transform America into a soul-destroying nanny state, is reaching a critical historical stage, and that it is a battle that cannot be won by focusing on insignificant tactical machinations that garner virtually meaningless concessions from the Democrats in return for wholesale betrayals of those great ideals that the Republican Party used to stand for. Establishment hacks like Feehery just want to sit up there in the howdah on top of the elephant and admire the view – all the way to the elephant graveyard.


Michael Lonie said...

Summary of Feehery:
"Boehner should drive out all those ghastly Tea Partiers, since they aren't willing to see the GOP be tax collectors for the Welfare State."

These Old Boys' Club Packs are fixing to turn the GOP into the spitting image of the Liberal Party in Britain, which crashed and burned in the 1920s and never recovered. Now it's successor more-or-less a haven for Greens twits and socialists who can't endure associating with actual, you know, working people in the Labout Party (those few still there). What the Liberals forgot, when they embraced moving towards the welfare state, was that the voters will invariably prefer the party that actually believes in the policy they espouse; in the case of the Liberals' attempt to erect a welfare state, that was the Labour Party.

Paco said...

What the Liberals forgot, when they embraced moving towards the welfare state, was that the voters will invariably prefer the party that actually believes in the policy they espouse.


Robert of Ottawa said...

Perhaps the US has to go through the same experience Canada did. The Canadian equivalent of the Tea Party, the Reform Party, then the Alliance, eventually formed a national Conservative party again and is now majority government - after a 20 year struggle.

But there are now no "Red Tories" AKA liberals in suites and ties.

But I don't think the USA, nor the world, can afford 20 years.

Spiny Norman said...


I'm afraid you are quite right.

Hopefully, it won't be 20 years, but more like the 4 years it took for the then-new Republican Party to win the Presidency after the Whigs' self-inficted implosion.

rinardman said...

This country won't be saved from the socialist Obo & company by the Republicans. The best I can see is that the Dems get drunk with power the next four years, and expose themselves as the demicommies they are.

Yojimbo said...

Seems like they pretty much got drunk with power in the last four years and he still got elected. If we don't have anoher 2010 in 2014 we are in very deep yogurt as a nation.

Spiny Norman said...

We're already in "deep yogurt". The only question is, is how rancid will it get?