Monday, January 28, 2013

Ironing out the irony

Does anybody see the irony of Democratic Senator Bob Menendez – currently being investigated for procuring the services of prostitutes in the Dominican Republic, including at least one who was only 16 – fronting the new drive to “reform” immigration laws? ABC News’ Martha Raddatz sure doesn’t. During an interview with Menendez on the network’s This Week program on Sunday, Raddatz didn’t ask him a single question about the investigation.

Paco World News Daily followed up with Ms. Raddatz by telephone today.

Brad Smilo: Ms. Raddatz, can you use the word “irony” in a sentence?

Raddatz: Irony? Sure. “I love traditional patio furniture; it’s so durable and irony.”


Anonymous said...

Deborah said...But...but..she looked so much older. No word from the Secret Service. Word on the street is they've been told to use another alley, er, street for their "research" participants.

RebeccaH said...