Saturday, January 26, 2013

Just a pommie git

Mike McNally has the inside skinny on the execrable Piers Morgan - who, incidentally, was just severely pasted by Newt Gingrich.


JeffS said...

Just what this country needs -- more attention whores in the media and elected office.

rinardman said...

You have to admire a man with integrity, intelligence, and humility.

Which has absolutely nothing to do with Pears Morgan, I'm just sayin'.

Ron said...

Piers Morgan is a leftist and an idiot, but I repeat myself.

I loved it when Newt told him "We actually think that the 2nd Amendment is central to our liberties, not something just there for hunters, not something there for target practice, but actually there because the founding fathers remembered that when your army tried to defeat us, luckily our peasants weren't peasants, they were citizens and as citizens they were in fact armed and that's the only reason we were able to win the Revolutionary War."