Sunday, January 13, 2013

More pictures from Bubba's

Number One son sent me some of the photos he took when we were over at Bubba's East Coast Rod Shop the other day, which are somewhat better than the ones I snapped (click to enlarge).

Here's that Packard Patrician, again, with some details.

Mmmm, that red T-Bird!

And I'm really diggin' the back window on this Mercury Montclair.


Yojimbo said...

Somewhat better than the ones I took. Well yeah.:)

That is one good looking dashboard I'm thinking! Probably why it's called the Patrician.

rinardman said...

Look, a horn ring. A lot easier to work than the "where am I" contraptions they have now. And, I bet it had the headlight dimmer switch on the floorboard.

Really like those factory rims on the Mercury!

mojo said...

Be sure to check what engine is in the snazzy red T-Bird body...