Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Obama doesn’t have to be evil to warrant vigorous opposition

Andrew Patrick writes a very thoughtful post on the subject. A sample:
Giving progressives a pass for their intent is a fool’s game. Of course progressives intend that there be liberty, equality, and brotherhood. But if they insist that this can only be accomplished by a happy-faced Leviathan pulling society up from its roots willy-nilly. And in their darkest heart of hearts, they enjoy the destruction of the old. They see it the way medieval monks saw scourging: as a necessary purification. For America to rise to great heights, America must first be unmade.

That is what Obama wants. This is not a debate about what in America needs reforming. Obama wants to reform everything about this country. He wants to change, utterly, the relationship of the citizen and the state. He has in mind some benevolent ant colony where all the good things in Julia’s life proceed from the wisdom of the enlightened ruling class. All things within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.
So it really doesn’t matter whether Obama is the anti-Christ, or just a schlemiel for whom we are a nation of schlimazels. He has done harm, and he will continue to do harm, and a prissy deference to his presumed “intentions” plays right into his hands and the hands of his party and media allies.

You know, I could probably forgive John Boehner much if he would start treating Obama like the leader of a gang of home invaders, instead of like the popular girl who keeps turning him down for a date; but I doubt that we’ll see any resolve from that quarter.

(H/T to Jeff Goldstein for the link to Andrew’s piece).

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Andrew said...

Thanks for the link, and salutations for the "schlemiel, schlimazel" constructions.