Thursday, January 17, 2013

Really, aren’t dishonest ideologues and political hacks already overrepresented in the Obama administration?

Senator Jeff Sessions takes on another atrocious Obama nominee: Jack Lew, presumptive Secretary of the Treasury. His specialty seems to be the telling of budgetary whoppers:
By presenting a plan that deliberately ignored our nation’s debt problem — while falsely claiming that it did the opposite — the White House was able to cloud the issues, stall progress, and avoid any meaningful discussion of spending and entitlement reform. It also allowed them to spend two years on the political offensive while escaping responsibility.

Not only was Lew the architect of two failed budgets, but he was the point man in the White House for its campaign of financial deception. For instance, he was the budget director and was present when President Obama notoriously gave an address outlining a framework to save $4 trillion (a complete fantasy) while decrying Paul Ryan’s very real plan to save trillions as an attack upon the weak and vulnerable.
Just what we need: another Obamunist smelling up the place with smoke from the conflagration of his pantaloons.

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Spiny Norman said...

I think it is safe to assume ANYONE President Urkel nominates is "atrocious" and work backward from there.