Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Role model

Marc Thiessen says Republicans should be more like Obama. The money quote:
Republicans should take a page from Obama’s playbook, do what they think is right, use all the leverage at their disposal and stop worrying about the electoral consequences. If they learn anything from Obama’s victories, it should be this: Voters reward conviction politicians who fight for what they believe in — even when they disagree with them. Pandering does not work.
I think the article overlooks two important facts: (1) the lamestream media has provided Obama with a smokescreen for the last four years, which has, at critical moments, hidden his true intentions, the likely (and unpleasant) results of his policies, and his ideological radicalism; and (2) pandering, of one kind or another, was an important component of Obama’s victorious campaign. Nonetheless, I believe Thiessen is correct in the overall thrust of his argument: Republicans should start standing their ground, defiantly and noisily, and stop wasting time and undermining their own position by playing small ball. Of course, for Republican politicians to be able to do this, they need to believe passionately in America’s tradition of individual liberty and limited government – which means the Party needs a considerable transfusion of new blood.


Anonymous said...

Deborah said ... Thiessen is correct. Conservatives and even libertarians are yearning for leaders who are principled, and will stand up for America. It works for the Tea Party folks.

JeffS said...

Quite so, Deborah.

rinardman said...

As long as the average low information voter believes that the MSM is an unbiased, truthful, straight news reporting entity, it will do little good to have real conservative Republicans in office.

The ability to lie, obfuscate, and make false promises without fear of being exposed by the media is the only reason Obo the Clown didn't get run out of office by people with pitchforks.

Until that situation changes, I'm afraid we're stuck with fools and charlatans in charge. There needs to be a grassroots effort on the right, to expose the MSM for what they are.

Dad29 said...

I think you mis-over-estimate Republican politicians.

With VERY few exceptions, the only 'principle held fast' by that bunch is GET RE-ELECTED.

Thus, the 'shiny object' game, guar-an-damn-teed to produce re-election campaign dollars, but maybe not actual results.

Because if there are actual results, then there will be no shiny objects, no campaign dollars, and........sacre bleu, no re-election.

Paco said...

Dad29: Oh, I agree. That's why the Party needs a massive transfusion of new blood.