Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday funnies

Great moments in the history of bad advice: “Stand closer to the rhino”.

Saw a funny bumper sticker today: "Keep honking, I'm reloading".

We've all heard of the Wienermobile. But this is is the first I've heard of the Zippo Lighter Car:

( From Black and WTF, a great source for old black and white photos)


RebeccaH said...

I know the park ranger wanted to give that couple the photo of a lifetime, but only an idiot would actually do what he said.

rinardman said...

Or, bad political advice: "Stand closer to the RINO."

Paco said...


Yojimbo said...

For 25 grand they could do better flames.

"Call for Phillip Mor...ris!"

LSMFT to you and yours.