Thursday, February 7, 2013

Joe Biden continues to shine

And stink, like the proverbial dead mackerel in the moonlight. Addressing Democratic legislators in an attempt to whoop up support for gun control legislation, Vice President Biden tried to assuage the fears of donk lawmakers that they might get battered in the next election.
Vice President Joe Biden, addressing lawmakers at the retreat Wednesday, told them they can support the measures he and Obama are proposing without fear they'll be booted from office. He urged them not to learn the wrong lesson from the 1994 election, when Democrats lost control of Congress after supporting a ban on assault weapons that has since expired.

"I'm here to tell you the world has changed," Biden said. "Public attitudes have changed since 1994. Social media has changed. The ability to misrepresent our positions has changed [emphasis mine – Paco]."
Sure, you know and I know what he meant by that last phrase: the ability of gun-control opponents to, allegedly, “misrepresent” the intentions of the gun-grabbers has changed (eroded). But, just as a revolting substance like ambergris – whale vomit – is transformed through the magic of chemistry into a medium that serves as the base for some of our most expensive perfumes, Biden’s substandard gray matter occasionally experiences a transformative alchemy that, in conjunction with his ungovernable larynx, delivers a burst of unwitting truth. In reality, it is the ability of Second Amendment foes to misrepresent their own positions that has changed, and in their favor, through a tag-team combination of well-organized left-wing social media, and the dinosaur variety comprised of the mainstream press that is now securely grafted onto the Democratic Party like a prehensile tail. This is why we are not debating gun control - heavens, no! – but gun safety. This is why politicos like Michael Bloomberg and Andrew Cuomo can tell the most outrageous howlers – “We’re not trying to take your guns away…No, really” – and not be pelted with rotten fruit and driven from the stage. Most ominously of all, this is why gun-phobes can manage to make “universal background checks” sound like anything but the top of the slippery slope to a national registry (and, ultimately, confiscation).

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