Thursday, February 7, 2013

More 1950s movies

From Robert Avrech.

Ace in the Hole, starring Kirk Douglas, is a great flick; fine acting and directing, and an important theme. As Avrech says, “Billy Wilder’s prophetic vision of an immoral press in collusion with a celebrity hungry culture, is more relevant than ever.” I’ll say!


mojo said...

Kirk Douglas, a hell of an actor.

One of my favorites of his (besides Spartacus) is "Lonely Are The Brave". Also, for comedy, try "There Was A Crooked Man"

Yojimbo said...

If you like Douglas comedies may I also suggest The Villain also starring Rnold and the gorgeous Ann-Margret. Also in the cast Paul Lynde, Foster Brooks, Ruth Buzzi, Strother Martin and Mel Tillis.

They must have had a ball shooting this one.

Favorite line
Ann-Margret "How did you get your name?"
Handsome Stranger(Rnold)" I was named after my father."