Saturday, February 16, 2013

The author of CHE! interviewed on the radio

David Carter, author of Che! The Lost Diaries, was interviewed by Pete "Da Tech Guy" on the radio today, along with Mr. Carter's publisher, Richard McEnroe. Pete's blog is here, and he would be gratified, I'm sure, if you were to access Amazon via his blog to purchase the book (or several more copies, if you've already bought one).

The interview runs again on Tuesday, I believe, and you ought to be able to access it via Pete's blog.


Yojimbo said...

Hey! You got a book plug from Instapundit.

Anonymous said...

Deborah said... Correction, Yojimbo, Dave Carter got a plug. It's a easy mistake that is often repeated. Jeff Dunham has a similar problem.

Spiny Norman said...

Deborah, are you saying Walter isn't a real person??? 0_0

bruce said...

Darn, I missed it.

Walter is real, Jeff Dunham is his puppet.