Monday, March 11, 2013

I think we have all the proof we need

According to Nature World News, reverse evolution is "possible".

Possible? More like an absolute certainty. Why do I say that?

"And after you fire your shotgun through the front door, remember to drag the body inside your house".

Case closed.


rinardman said...

Makes a Neanderthal look like an intellectual, doesn't he.

Merilyn said...

O/T but just wanted to say "Che! The lost Diaries", has arrived!

Col. Milquetoast said...

Just imagine being Biden's Secret Service detail.

Biden : Hey! I think heard a noise outside! D'ya got a shotgun in that overcoat? Fire a couple of warning shots over there! Don't aim just shoot over in that direction!
Secret Service : Sir, I didn't hear anything and the environment appears secure.
Biden : I'm tellin' ya, I saw movement! Somebody's out there! KaPow! Kapow! Right there! Blast 'em away!
Secret Service : Uh, sir, we're on the 4th floor of the Commerce Department. I don't think these windows open and besides you're pointing at the Washington Monument.
Biden : Hey this door won't open. Some nutso is probably on the other side with a chainsaw and a slurpee! Blammo! Give that door both barrels!
Secret Service : Mr. Vice President, it's a glass door so I can tell there is no one on the other side and remember if it doesn't open when you push on it then try pulling.
Biden : Aw, jeeeez! It'd be so much easier without you guys around. I don't need you guys as a security detail, I can take care of myself. Me, Myself and my Benelli! Ha! Did I ever tell you about that one Christmas when I shot like 400 terrorist who had taken over Dulles International Airport's air traffic control system while my wife along with hundreds of people were on planes overhead and running out of fuel so I had to do my thing! Me an' my double barreled shotgun can handle anything!
Secret Service : Sir, I think that was Die Hard 2.

Paco said...

Merilyn: Hope you enjoy it!

Colonel: If any of them ever write a book, I think Joe Biden's Secret Service personnel will have some pretty interesting memoirs, indeed!

mojo said...

We are DEVO

RebeccaH said...

Sooo ... We can assume that Joe Biden is the dust mite of politicians, then?

Anonymous said...

Biden is the first human to reverse evolve into an ashtray. That's an accomplishment, I guess.....