Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday movie

Bob Mitchum takes on corrupt Robert Preston in this fight scene from Blood on the Moon (a fine western with a distinct film noir vibe).


Yojimbo said...

"Seventy-six broken chairs in the big....."

Jonah said...

"With a hundred and ten stitches close at hand.

They were followed by rows and rows of unidentified gunsuls all chasing Professor Hill's morbid trade." No.

Rows and rows of River City ho's. No.

They were followed by rows and rows of barber shop singing quartos
firing rounds and giving up their gay charade...err...No.

Jonah said...

I'm out of beer, I give up.

mojo said...

Great line: "I know dogs that wouldn't claim you as kin."

I guess ya couldn't say "son of a bitch" back then...

mojo said...

PS: Never seen that one, got to dig it up. Especially with Robert Preston (ROBERT PRESTON!) in it.

AKA "The Toughest Queer in Hollywood"