Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NASA's strategy for dealing with asteroids

"Pray", NASA chief Charles Bolden says.

I think that's certainly one viable option. But, as the saying goes, the Lord helps him who helps himself, so why not back up that appeal for divine intervention with asteroid insurance? Now available from Prudential Asteroid Coverage Online, a division of Paco Financial Services, Ltd (Cayman Islands).

That's right, you - or rather, your beneficiaries, unless they happen to be staying with you - can sleep soundly knowing that you've got a P.A.C.O. policy. Allstate? Their hands are in their pockets. Progressive? Flo's napping in the break room. GEICO? That little lizard will scurry off leaving his wriggling tail in your hand. Only P.A.C.O. will be there for you (not at the point of impact, of course, but in spirit).

Affordable coverage, peace of mind. Remember: At Paco Financial Services, we treat your money like it was ours.


Yojimbo said...

"Affordble coverage,..." Hmmm
Just what does that "highly variable floating rate clause" mean anyway?

Are you aware that the phrase "revocable at the whim of.." appears 39 times in the contract?

rinardman said...

And just what the heck is a "infinite deductible"?

RebeccaH said...

Hah! You can't fool me. I know "force majeure" must cover asteroid strikes.

mojo said...

Step 1: Sit down
Step 2: bend over
Step 3: kiss your ass good-bye

Same as the procedure was on a SAC base in the event of a massive nuclear strike.

Mr. Bingley said...

Rebecca, I think that's "force meteor"

Anonymous said...

The scientific consensus is to pray. Love it. I'll take some of that Paco coverage, please. You do accept personal checks, right?

Paco said...

Now, now, everybody, let's not get all bent out of shape over a little fine print.

Anon: Why, certainly we take personal checks! Of course, your coverage doesn't begin until the check clears.