Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Ace presents a mind-blowing summary of the contortions which “journalists” are performing in order to deflect the public’s attention from the primary motivation for the Boston Marathon bombings.

Related: Chris Matthews is now strangely uninterested in the terrorists’ motives.

Jeff Goldstein files for (cultural) divorce.

La trahison des RINOS (Sorry, Marco, but if this thing passes, you’re dead to me).

An Australian intelligence officer gets into trouble for telling an inconvenient truth.

Tired of the myopic sentimentality represented by those Coexist bumper stickers? So is Adam Carolla.

Hey, when it comes to productive investment, the government can really pick ‘em!

Today’s history lesson: how Jerusalem came to be a Muslim holy site (H/T: Jill J).

Ok, remind me again, why is Hillary Clinton the odds-on favorite to become the next Democratic presidential nominee?

There’s no tyranny like petty tyranny (unless it’s petty tyranny that aspires to something bigger).


Robert of Ottawa said...

Hey, Paco, how's that department of homeland security working for the US of A?

I know, I know, a rhetorical question. But it should be asked in public by Americans.

As an aside, I have seen in my travels a couple of Paco Enterprize oprations but did not have my camera with me at the time. One is on the harbor area of Salvador, Brazil; a fishing shop if I recall correctly.

Robert of Ottawa said...

Regarding architecture in the middle east. I say: destroy the mosque and let the Jews rebuild their temple. Retake Constantinople, remove the odious pointy columns and let Hagia Sophia return to its Christian functions.

Paco said...

Works for me.

About that "fishing shop"; three stories below ground is the South American manufacturing facility of Prometheus Arms and Combat Ordnance (thought it might be a good idea to have some offshore facilities...just in case).

Michael Lonie said...

I suspect we won't have to worry about Hillary winning the Dem nomination in 2016, so you can rest easy on that score, Paco. It seems more likely to me that the favored candidate will be Michelle. After all, Barack's work will not yet be finished then, so someone reliable must carry it on. His work, of course, is ruining the country. There may be a great deal of ruin in a country, but eventually it all gets used up.

There are precedents that can be cited for such a successor: Isabel Peron and Christa Kirschner in Argentina. What could go wrong?

Spiny Norman said...

I've already concluded that Senator Rubio is a Jeb Bush proxy... and future Presidential running mate.

Jonah said...

Somebody should buy the rubble of the Fisker Karma business and put decent motors into those beautiful cars, like what happened with the Studebaker Avanti.

But of course that's only a dream in today's America, a Grade IV clerk in a district office of a branch of any one of 5 cabinet departments could have doubts and that would be that.

Jonah said...

I hate to say it but you know it's true, that thing about Benghazi won't matter in Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. Not one bit.

Only 10% of Americans heard about it when it happened, only 10% of them will remember it in '16, and 51% of them will "feel" she did the correct thing, whatever it was.

Jonah said...

Does West Virginia import it's teachers from Massachusetts?

Jonah said...

Hey give Chris Matthews a break, he is a moron after all. He wants it all to be a police matter, when is it a police matter, when is it an act of war? To be fair to that moron, it never has been clarified
in an Act of the League of United Nations just how it is he is supposed to think. And so it must
sputter forth the mantra of Landru,
"Peace is the body" until Jim Kirk(R, IA) fizzles it's, and my, tiny brain#bzzzzt#

Paco said...

Jonah: I agree that the Fisker Karma has a beautiful body style. A shame they tried to turn this stallion into a petting zoo pony.

I'm afraid you're right about Benghazi and it's likely impact - or non-impact - on Hillary's presidential chances. The triumph of Democrat PR over substance.

RebeccaH said...

If the Republicans would just put up a decent fight and trumpet Clinton's lies and fiascos to the high heavens, her candidacy would be toast. But they won't, and that's the problem.

As for Michelle ... ugh. Remember Imelda Marcos and her fifty million shoes?

Spiny Norman said...

I think Shrillary sees herself more as Eva Peron...