Monday, April 8, 2013

Chavista presidential candidate Nicolas Maduro employing time-honored campaign techniques

Like putting a curse on unsympathetic voters.

I suppose the next steps will be voo-doo dolls and chicken blood. Or perhaps the very un-supernatural measure of inviting in a few thousand Cuban military "advisers"


bruce said...

Check news for Thatcher, Paco.

A momentous passing.

Anonymous said...

Deborah said...There's a businesss opportunity here. Sell little charms like Maduro to show the spirits they're one of the faithful. Then the little charm that wards off all curses incuding
deluded Marxists. There might be a domestic market for the latter. I'd buy one. It couldn't hurt. Mrs. P wouldn't mind, would she? What's a few chickens in the back part of the compound? The drumming on the other hand....Remember to tell R&D about the full moon.

It's a sure bet there's a Spaniard somewhere in Maduro's lineage.

Michael Lonie said...

"It's a sure bet there's a Spaniard somewhere in Maduro's lineage."

Maybe Sancho Panza? Or Aldonza? More likely a relative of the Princes of Carrion, who mutilated their wives, the daughters of El Cid Rodrigo Diaz.