Friday, April 19, 2013

Things are now moving fast in Massachusetts

One bombing suspect is dead, and one on the run.

Oh, and they're from Chechnya. Looks like it's probably Muslim terrorism after all.


JeffS said...

Muslim terrorists? That doesn't jive with the media narrative, dude. Best be careful, lest Chris Matthews takes his tingle to you.

Spiny Norman said...

David "Mr Pointy" Sirota will be soooo disappointed. No matter, Daily Kos, and their cable media outlet MSNBC, will still try to tie them to the Tea Party.

The Narrative must survive!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1 says:

Russians? But I thought Hillary pushed the Reset Button and made everything allllll better.

Muslim terrorists? But the media tells us there's no such thing.

Just think what straits we'd be in if Barry, Hillary and the media weren't the smartest people on the planet.

mojo said...

Yeah, shocking, ain't it?

While not all Muslims are terrorists, these days most terrorists are Muslims.

The difference between a "radical" Muslim and a "moderate" Muslim:
The radical Muslim wants to kill you. The moderate Muslim wants the radical Muslim to kill you.

Steve at the Pub said...

I don't understand the question!

I've just watched the TV here, it tells me the "suspects" in the marathon bombing (no mention of the "T" word) are long term residents of the USA, so "it looks like this is a home-grown problem" ... (insert a few minutes of shallow breakfast TV presenter verbal diarrhoea)... ".. America needs to have a good look at itself and the reasons for this surge in right-wing domestic terrorism"

So there you have it!

(No mention whatsoever of the "M" word.)

Steve at the Pub said...

I wonder how long before some historically ignorant (on breakfast TV natch!) presenter suggests that being Boston (and right wing) these boys are quite possibly Tea Party activists?

Steve at the Pub said...

By the way:
I want to see this 2nd one taken not only alive, but in perfect health, so that he's well able to withstand the waterboarding at Gitmo (this should be within 6 hours of him being captured).

Michael Lonie said...

Won't be waterboarded. He was captured, wounded from the prior gunfights. Since he committed a crime within the USA it must be treated by the criminal justice system. The Gitmo terrorists could be waterboarded because they were taken under the laws of war and, under those laws, they were unlawful combattants. In other words, we owed them nothing, no observance of rights they were not entitled to, not even letting them live, for such combattants can be executed for fighting that way.

Fighting terrorists abroad and fighting terrorists at home have two distinct rule sets at present. Only if it got so bad that the situation in this country had turned (in effect) into an insurrection would it be proper to supercede the municipal law of the USA by the international law of armed conflict within the US, as it would if there was an invasion by enemy armed forces.