Monday, April 8, 2013

Too good to save for a Sunday funny

Moonbattery recently had a caption contest featuring a photo showing some NK troops on maneuvers. Check out both the photo and the caption winners (particularly the hilarious 1st place entry).

As for the uniforms: I’m not sure that camouflage pattern would help you blend in anywhere, except possibly the produce section at Safeway’s.

In other commie news, John Boot has more on Robert Redford’s film valentine to the Weather Underground (typical Redford: history shorn of perspective, absurdly romanticized, pasteurized, and sanitized, slathered with earnest left-wing applesauce and served up with a heaping helping of smugness). This one ought to go straight to DVD Betamax.

Update to first item:

Kim Jong Un's generals show off their collection of taxi medallions.


JeffS said...

Those medals would make great plinking targets!

RebeccaH said...

Those NoKo soldiers look exactly like little plastic G.I. Joe figures. Probably close to the same size too.

cac said...

I'd be a little alarmed by comment 2 Paco - looks like just the sort of thing the North Korean secret service would do to somebody high up on their watch list. Alternatively of course it could be another quality product from the Paco corporation.

Paco said...

Sigh...Another piece of low quality spam.