Thursday, May 2, 2013


Is Kermit Gosnell an aberration? Not at all, says actress and pro-life activist Patricia Heaton.

Stacy McCain argues that the liberal takeover of public schools and mainstream journalism is pretty nigh irreversible.

It’s difficult to keep up with the sheer volume of Obama’s wretched political appointments, so it’s good that bloggers like Randy are focusing on the issue.

Liberty at Stake comes up with a brilliant plan to boost his blog traffic.

If congressional legislation is so great, why are congressmen always trying to exempt themselves from its consequences?

Boy on a Bike, who writes wonderfully on all subjects, assumes the mantle of restaurant critic.

There’s something rotten good in Denmark (H/T: the Classic Liberal).

Ahhh, so that’s who Obama prays to.

The all-seeing Eye of Polyphemus has hit upon the ideal mix of male blog material, IMHO: babes plus mini-reviews of the Three Stooges’ film shorts.

Courtesy of Mr. Bingley, one of the blogosphere’s merriest boulevardiers, we see Pat Sajak getting in Mayor Bloomberg’s face.

Pat Austin opines on the “indispensable” Mary Landrieau.


Anonymous said...

Deborah said... Gosnell's trial should have resulted in a death sentence for him, and his staff on day one. The collective outrage that should have engulfed this nation was unrealized due to the loss of stigma, the devaluation of life, and the absence of the notion of the Creator. Life can only be viewed as sacred when there is acknowledgment of the Creator.

Gosnell is the reality of pro-abortion (not pro-choice). He is not the exception. Patricia should be commended. Keep up the fight!

Stacy might not be correct. Kids like to be rebels. Well guess who the rebels are now. If one hundred kids stand with their persecuted classmate in defense of the second and first amendments (as happened recently), then there is hope.

LibertyAtStake said...

It's working already!