Thursday, May 23, 2013

Drummer Lee Rigby, RIP

Good suggestion from Allahpundit: “If you’re going to spend time on this story today, skip the stuff about the attackers and read this instead.” The “this” to which he refers is a piece at Sky News which tells us something about the young soldier who was murdered in London yesterday by two savages – who will one day join their pig god in hell.
Lieutenant Colonel Jim Taylor, Commanding Officer of the Second Fusiliers, described [Drummer Lee Rigby] as a "true warrior" who served with distinction in Afghanistan.

"Drummer Rigby was a dedicated and professional soldier," he said. "He was a real character within the Second Fusiliers. Larger than life, he was at the heart of our Corps of Drums."

"Riggers was what every battalion needs," added Warrant Officer Ned Miller, Regimental Sergeant Major of the Second Fusiliers. "He was one of the Battalion's great characters - always smiling and always ready to brighten the mood."
May God bless his soul, and comfort his friends and family.


Anonymous said...

Deborah said... Drummer Rugby, or "Riggs" as he was affectionately known, was 25 years old, a husband, and father. God rest him, and give strength and comfort for his family and friends.

May his murderer and the accomplices be given the swift justiice the so richly deserve. Alas, drawing and quartering has been banned. But pork hasn't. I'll pay for a nice plump pork roast and a few rashers.

RebeccaH said...

In other words, the jihadi scum who claimed they were murdering a man who "murdered Muslims" actually hacked to death a man who never had to pick up a weapon while he was in Afghanistan.

Spiny Norman said...

They don't care; an infidel is an infidel. We all deserve death equally, in their eyes. Afghanistan and Iraq are completely irrelevant: they've been murdering non-moslems for 1400 years.