Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Sharia is incompatible with civilized behavior"


Update: Of course, if you're the Department of Homeland Security, your mileage may vary.


Robert of Ottawa said...

Paco, you have spam!

JeffS said...

Yup. Sharia is designed by and for barbarians.

JeffS said...

Selective respecting First Amendment rights? Yup, no bias here, move along, move along.

RebeccaH said...

Hot spot resort or no, I can't imagine going to ANY Muslim country on vacation.

JeffS said...

Well, if you're there as a tourist, and stay in the tourist areas, you're no less in danger than say, New York. (And, yes, that analogy is deliberate.) Stray out of the tourist zone, though, and you could be toast. Just like New York. Muslims like their comfort, just like anyone else, and the resorts tend to be modern.

It's the ex-pats who ought to think twice. There's a reason why many Westerners working in Muslim and other third world nations live in secured enclaves, and not on the economy. As that Australian woman found out. The hard way.

Even in the semi-civilized Muslim nations, foreign workers are treated like dirt when and where possible. I saw many Pakistanis in Kuwait, Muslim all, working crap job in lousy conditions for near-slave wages. If they were ever paid at all.

Western ex-pats aren't treated quite as bad, if they are smart about it. And move carefully.

mojo said...

"Sharia" is not the law here, and never will be. Therefore, I do not have to give crap #1 what "Sharia" thinks about anything.

Got a problem with that? Go back home to your Sharia-blighted hell-hole.

Robert of Ottawa said...

Department of Homeland Security?

Wasn't that the organization that ran Oceana in 1984?

The last thing such a department brings is security. Try, perhaps, serfdom, feardom and subservience.