Friday, May 3, 2013

What could possibly go wrong?

Joe Biden seems poised to go off half-cocked again, as he mulls over a new gun-control initiative, the details of which he has not yet discussed with his boss.
Vice President Joe Biden is planning a new gun control offensive — he just hasn’t told the president yet.

Biden told a group of law enforcement officials Thursday that he is planning even more travel, with trips around the country to stump for a renewed push on expanded background checks and gun-trafficking laws that failed to pass the Senate last month.

But Biden volunteered that he “hasn’t really discussed” his plans with President Barack Obama and plans to lead the gun control charge on his own, according to two law enforcement officials who attended the meeting. The 90-minute meeting in Biden’s office was an attempt to move forward after the failed effort on background checks.
I imagine that Biden’s new “offensive” will be a combination of gaffes and dubious commentary on the superiority of the blunderbuss as a home-defense weapon. He ought to really spice things up by accepting Senator Ted Cruz’s challenge to debate the issue. What a duel that would be! It would be fascinating to watch the principled and articulate Texas senator go up against the, heh, papier-like wit of the vice president.

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