Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday funnies

The tiny world of J.D. Hancock.

More innovative job opportunities in the age of Obamanomics.

If you ever have to shoot somebody in self-defense, this might come in handy.

And here's a gun that never caught on, for some strange reason.

Some school kids in a church camp near St. Louis create an interesting visual of Jesus, in which He appears to look like...Chuck Norris (Today's Chuck Norris fact: When cops pull Chuck Norris over, they try to talk their way out of it).

From the great Michael Ramirez (click to enlarge):

Bugs Bunny takes on Marvin the Martian, in this classic Warner Brothers cartoon.

Jay Leno: "We wanted a president that listened to all Americans - now we have one."

(H/T: Instapundit)


Spiny Norman said...

Mullet Jesus / Jesus Chuck Norris has a yellow wang. Why? Even Church Camp has a smartass or two.

rinardman said...

That helmet gun should only be worn by people of the highest caliber!

rinardman said...

He could have designed the helmet gun with a hair trigger.

mojo said...

The Crotch Gun was also a failure. Fired only once, I believe.

rinardman said...

Fired only once, I believe.


Donald Douglas said...

I got you linked up!

Albury Shifton said...

Jay Leno is reminding me more and more of that line that: "A conservative is a liberal who's been mugged".

Paco said...

Thanks, Doug!

Minicapt said...

The helmet gun was invented by a prat from Vermont?


Minicapt said...

And the original 'hande gonne' resulted from an amputation.