Friday, July 5, 2013


Obama and company: the perils of clueless obstinacy.

Mark Steyn takes a look at Nigel Farage and the UK’s independence Party.

When patriotism wasn’t a dirty word in Hollywood.

Announcing the creation of the “Free Prezilla!” movement.

Calvin Coolidge was a president who wasn’t afraid to say no.

Why intellect is not enough: Jean-Paul Sartre’s transformation from a philosopher into a communist propagandist.

An update on the increasing militarization of the police – and the increasing militancy of prosecutors.

Has anybody seen this man?

Obamacareless: Wes Pruden on a “fiasco for the ages” (Heh. “Valerie Jarrett, the president’s most trusted (if not necessarily most competent) adviser, promised that the determined president is ‘staying the course.’ This is not reassuring, either, since it’s ‘the course’ that’s the source of the disaster. The flood has washed out the bridge across the river, but never mind, the road to where the bridge used to be is still there.”)

Church of Satan: Hey, we’ve got some standards.


Spiny Norman said...

A bit of classic Steyn:

That's to say, the late Mr. Milligan more or less singlehandedly planted the practice of "auto-erotic asphyxiation" in the public consciousness — since when (as John O'Sullivan suggested here a while back) the Tory party seems to have embraced it as a political philosophy.

Sounds oddly familiar...

At the time, Milligan's death enabled a by-election in the constituency of Eastleigh. Farage stood for UKIP, got 952 votes (or 1.4 percent), and narrowly beat the perennial fringe candidate Screaming Lord Sutch of the Monster Raving Loony party, which, in a perceptive insight into the nature of government, was demanding more than one Monopolies Commission (the British equivalent of the Antitrust Division).

But of course!

Paco said...

Spiny: that is a classic specimen of wit.

rinardman said...

Commit any felonies lately?

It seems you don't have to do anything but consider your home your private property.

Spiny Norman said...


I've heard a couple of radio hosts talk about that atrocity. I usually not one of the "down with the pigs" anarchist, but I hope the cops involved are held personally liable - and I hope the people of Henderson throw out the petit-fascist bureaucratic twits responsible for the policies that led to this.

Spiny Norman said...

Oh wow... made sure I got my italics correct, but typos galore!

RebeccaH said...

Too bad we can't seem to find another Coolidge among our "stellar" political class. Valerie Jarrett is just not working out. (What's that, you say? Obama!?! Hahahahahahaha!)

rinardman said...

...I usually not one of the "down with the pigs" anarchist...

I'm not either, Spiny, but the more stupidity I see, like this....the more I wonder where this is all headed. I know one thing, if I were in that same situation, I'd be in jail, too. "Protect & Serve" who?

Michael Lonie said...

Protect and serve their political masters, rman. Always remember, the police will beat the excrementum out of whomever their political bosses tell them to beat the excrementum out of. There have been police forces who also go after criminal perps, but such forces are becoming fewer every year. The fabled RCMP and the British police have already gone the "arrest the citizen but ignore the perp" route. It's both easier and safer for them.

The bigger government gets, the more Third-worldish it becomes.