Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I wish I'd have known; I might've bid on Doc Holliday's dentist chair.

Hey, if we can't have justice, cash and cell phones will do (H/T: 36 Chambers).

Things may not be looking up for Australia.

Liberty at Stake provides some interesting blog introspection.

Why, yes, I think "insanity" is, indeed, the mot juste.

San Diego mayor Bob "Filthy" Filner continues to excite comment. And I love this:
Attorneys familiar with the law say, if the actions described are true, Filner could be charged criminally with sexual battery.

Also last week the San Diego County Democratic Party issued an unusual press release after voting 24-24 to not ask for Filner's resignation.
So now there's going to have to be an expensive recall effort. California is so utterly boned.

The federal government's borrowing binge? Unsustainable.

Remember the Clinton rule when using a dart gun: never inhale.

Garry McCarthy - Chicago Police Superintendent, and arguably the most bone-headed police chief in America - is now fighting crime with strongly-worded letters.

Yeah, but can you get traffic updates?


rinardman said...

- is now fighting crime with strongly-worded letters.

Will the officer that hand delivers the letter read it to the recipients? With Chicago's literacy rate, I wouldn't bet they could read it themselves.

RebeccaH said...

Liberty at Stake's blog post was an excellent read.

JeffS said...

UVB-76 is not an anomaly on the radio waves. I haven't listened to one for years, but many amateur radio operators are aware of broadcasts in CW (a/k/a Morse Code) which consisted entirely of 3 letter groups. That's indicative of a cipher, which hints at covert activities.

And then there are the odd harmonics that get transmitted from time to time, sounds that are suggestive of jamming.

And that's without fretting over HAARP!

JeffS said...

And regarding San Diego ... California is indeed boned. As is any entity with Democrats in charge.