Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What if Obama were truly gutsy and competent?

That is obviously the premise of White House Down, a spectacularly ham-fisted piece of liberal propaganda, nicely demolished by Katie Yoder over at News Busters.

The thing is laughably predictable: hip black president vs. evil, racist right-wingers (it might as well have been produced by David Axelrod, in cooperation with Michael Moore).

I’m afraid Obama has yet to find his Leni Riefenstahl - although there is no end of aspirants to the role in the news media, as well as in Hollywood, faithfully propping up the shaky cardboard image of their increasingly dubious √úbermensch, and (to switch metaphors in midstream) cheerfully building gaudy, yet incongruous, word pyramids in honor of their stick-figure pharaoh.


rinardman said...

Wow! I can't wait to miss this movie!

mojo said...

Wait - is Jamie Foxx playing the Preshizzle?

Anonymous said...

Deborah ....That'll save some money. Hmm. Maybe I'll donate it to a Conservative cause...while eating popcorn.

Spiny Norman said...

:::Trying to picture John Boehner as "power thirsty" mastermind of the plot:::


The goofy bastids couldn't find a way to work Sarah Palin is as a diabolical villain? How lazy.