Monday, July 1, 2013

Why should Snowden get all the attention?

I, too, am in the mood to reveal our country’s secrets, and hereby lay out for the world’s inspection, the U.S. plan to invade Canada (H/T: American Spectator blog).


Michael Lonie said...

Plan Red wasn't really an operatinal plan. It was intended to give realistic planning practice to students at the Army War College in planning a war against a major power opponent. The only countries at that time that had naval, air, and military forces big enough and of sufficient quality to make a realistic opposition were Britain and Japan. Japan was taken care of in the successive Orange Plans (which were almost exclusively the work of the Navy with very little Army input), the only plan that was considered to have a real chance of being used.

The chief use of contingency plans during the interwar period was to train planners and to define the problems that would arise in trying to fight a war in a particular area. Planning for an intervention in Brazil, to counter a postulated European invasion of the country (the theoretical premise behind the "war"; most interwar premisses look weird now), proved useful in WWII when the US built airfields in Brazil to ferry aircraft to the Middle East.

The book "The Road to Rainbow" by Henry G. Gale discusses the role of the Army War College and the interwar planning during the 1930s.

JeffS said...

True enough, and I've done a couple in my time, mostly as scenarios for the annual training of units I was assigned. Still, it's an interesting read, Michael, and the second blog today that has discussed war with Canada, in one form or another.

Well, it is Canada Day, after all.

Minicapt said...

It's okay, we're still 3-0.


JeffS said...

The Pig War a draw, Minicapt. So it's 3-0-1.