Saturday, August 3, 2013


Gee, if Benghazi is a phony scandal, I wonder what a real one looks like (here's another way of looking at it).

The New York Times and its inherent biases (does a fish "feel" wetness?)

Democrat history: down the memory hole.

The ballad of Carlos Danger.

Historic photo.

Inland. I must keep moving further inland.

Suddenly, I'm feeling very dumb.

Please, fellow Virginians, do not put Clinton stooge Terry McAuliffe in the governor's mansion.

Stress relief: a little submachine gun fun with the excellent Hickock45.


Spiny Norman said...

Billary must know where all the bodies are buried, because sleazeball Clintonistas will torment us forever.

JeffS said...

I would have trouble with the history and grammar portions of the 8th grade test. I would survive physiology. I would do OK with geography and history, and pretty well on math and spelling (looks like they misspelled one word in that list).

But only on math and spelling would I have a chance at acing. I can't answer all of the questions. Some would only get a partial. Others would be "I dunno".

rinardman said...

Oddly enough...or maybe not...I think I would've done better on that 8th grade test when I was actually in the 8th grade.

Amazing how much useful information is been replaced by useless stuff, as I get older.

rinardman said...

"information is being"

See, I can't even compose a sentence anymore.

rinardman said...

Which reminds me.

Do they still teach fifth graders how to diagram sentences, these days? Probably not?

Paco said...

In the sixth grade, I had to diagram the preamble to the Constitution (got it right, too).

Mike said...

Thanks for the link. I could ace the spelling, but after that, I'd be lucky to get 70 percent.