Friday, August 30, 2013

Je ne say what?

France and the UK appear to be rapidly walking back their threats against Syria.

General Custer Field Marshal Barry is starting to look kinda isolated out there - and increasingly confused in his strategic thinking.

"Hmmm. Maybe I should drop some ObamaCare on Syria."


rinardman said...

"Hmmm. Maybe I should drop some ObamaCare on Syria."

If he uses that WMD on Syria, the Nobel committee will be wanting their prize back.

RebeccaH said...

Mama Jarrett thought of a way for Baby Barry to walk back his "redline" threat without looking quite as bad.

Anonymous said...

Roll Call: Obama Won't Give Legal Reasoning for Syria Attack, Yet

That there was a poison gas 'incident' is certain. As far as I'm aware we know nothing about it. Which side did it? Was it an industrial accident / mechanical failure? Was the gas depot hit by a stray bomb?

Syrians kill Syrians and Obama wants to send in the troops. Libyans kill Americans and what difference does it make?

Anonymous said...

Deborah ..... While Barry is waiting for Mistress Valerie to give him the plan, North Korea wants a piece of the action. Guess Kim is feeling neglected. He should have felt...whatever a dictator feels after executing a ex-girlfriend by firing squad. But the boy king isn't satisfied, so there are the latest pronouncements of merciless bla bla bla. We have to take him seriously because if videotaping yourself having sex is grounds for execution, then having nuclear vessels and bombers in the area is excuse enough. Whatever will Barry, er, Valerie do?

Paco said...

R-man: Yeah, I figured there might be some kind of Geneva Convention angle to it.