Thursday, August 15, 2013

The illegal alien problem

Unfortunately, Vanessa Pham is not available for comment.

This crime, incidentally, happened less than three miles from my house. I’m delighted that the police caught the guy, but as Michelle Malkin points out in her post, the murder wouldn’t have happened at all if the swine had been deported when he first embarked upon his life of crime.


Anonymous said...

Deborah .... God bless Vanessa, and all the victims of illegal aliens.

Jamel Shaw was a high school football star on his way home from practice in Los Angeles. He was murdered by a illegal who had been released. His mother received the word while she was serving in Iraq. Then Mayor Villaraigosa harassed the family as the were gathering signatures to stop the release of illegals. "Phony Tony" prefers illegals.

When can you retire Paco? Gotta get out soon. Got concealed carry?

Paco said...

Minimum, four and a half years. Oh, I've got my CC permit, alright.