Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Gun control in Mexico

It doesn’t work very well there, either.

Related: Whew! Good thing all my guns with high-capacity magazines were stolen. Otherwise, I’d be pretty worried about Terry McAuliffe becoming governor of Virginia.
McAuliffe "will support mainstream and majority supported gun control measures like universal background checks, limiting the size of magazines, and a return to the 1-gun-per-month rule."

The limitation on magazine capacity is a Colorado-like gun control measure that will put law-abiding Virginians at a disadvantage the moment it is enacted. This is because criminals will not obey it but will keep their "high-capacity" magazines so they can outgun their victims.
Think about this, Terry. Am I really more of a potential danger walking around with a single, compact 9mm pistol loaded with a 17-round magazine than I would be festooned with high-caliber six-shooters? Because, I swear, if you’re elected and you do manage to get your gun-grabbing law passed, I’m gonna be looking like some border pistolero from an old time Texas range war.


Michael Lonie said...

If he's so keen on disarming the citizenry, let him promise never to carry any weapons of have any armed guards for himself or his family during his tenure as governor.

Oh, and any time Obumbler moves through Virginia territory, disarm all his Secret Service agents or other guards while they are on Virginia soil. What's good enough for the citizens is good enough for the ruling class.

Paco said...

Amen to that!

rinardman said...

What's good enough for the citizens is good enough for the ruling class.

Bwahahaha, that's a good one, Michael. Next, you'll be suggesting they have the same health insurance as we peons.

Michael Lonie said...

They should be restricted to getting health care from witch doctors and use only herbal drugs for medications (eg no antibiotics etc.). That should encourage them to practice "wellness" like crazy.

See, it would be doing them a favor.

rinardman said...

But Michael...they might start dropping like flies!

Oh, wait...

Michael Lonie said...

And the problem is?