Wednesday, September 11, 2013

In memoriam

September 11, 2001.

(Link courtesy of Protein Wisdom).


Jonah said...

"Tragedy" hell.

Anonymous said...

Deborah ..... None will forget they're experience of that horrific day, and thereafter. Jonah is correct that it was "barbarism".

Richard's brother is one of the firefighters who was fortunate to make it out. But he knows many brother firefighters who didn't. He had to retire due to the inhalation damage.

I met a fellow tonight at a memorial who lost both his sister-in-law and her mother. They were on Flight 11.

Why do Truthers bother to show up to memorials to spout their nonsense? Why do they assume we are uninformed or gullible with a strong need for a prophet? And why am I the one they gravitate to?

One of the local elementary schools couldn't figure out that the flag needed to be lowered without calling HQ. The McDonald's didn't need to ask. Oh, and the Assistant Principal didn't know what the program, if any, was to commemorate the day.

We should never forget that this date is shared with the barbarism in Benghazi.

Let us never allow this to be forgotten.